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Afghanistan Monitoring & Research (AMR) is the first comprehensive market research and media monitoring (advertisement tracking) agency in Afghanistan. AMR’s mission is to provide actionable, evidence-based insights to its clients in a way that is credible, transparent, and affordable for private sector businesses that wish to maximize their advertising budgets.

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    media monitoring

    Media monitoring is a key component for any business or organization investing in TV, radio, print, or outdoor media placements.

  • media planning

    Media planning is critical for reaching a target audience in the most impactful, cost-effective manner possible.

  • product differentiation

    With the diversity of products in the Afghan market, companies must take the necessary steps to make their products stand out.

  • market segmentation

    Creating a profile of target consumer groups gives companies the ability to engage in strategic, efficient media planning.

With Precision

Market research tools allow marketing departments to make strategic, evidence-based decisions about how to present their products and brands to consumers, as well as allocate their marketing budgets. AMR uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide actionable insights to its clients.